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Large Sheet Worbla's® TranspArt
Large Sheet Worbla's® TranspArt
Price ex VAT: £25.20 Per Sheet

The Worbla® brand of thermoplastics are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. Available for purchase from our London Shop, or to buy online. Worldwide delivery available.

The newest sheet material from Worbla®, Worbla's® TranspArt is a transparent, colourless thermoplastic!

Brilliant for making visors, eyewear, ice blades, 'invisible' foundations and anything else you can imagine, Worbla's® TranspArt shares many characteristics to Worbla's® Finest Art.

Activated at 120°C, this thermoplastic does have a higher working temperature than Worbla's® Finest Art or Worbla's® Black Art (90°C). It's strongly recommended that you wear smooth work gloves, and usea damp sponge for shaping; this will protect your hands, and your work from finger prints!

Whilst Worbla's® TranspArt is transparent as a sheet material, it can become clouded when pieces are kneaded together. It is recommended that unless you are trying to "weld" pieces together by heating them both, a clear, colourless adhesive could be used instead. Superglues prove popular.

Worbla's® TranspArt is incredibly versatile, and can be tinted with thermal tint films. It can also be painted, stretched over moulds, and made into blocks by kneading pieces together.

Try it today — your imagination is the limit!


Colour: Colourless
Opacity: Transparent
Large Sheet Dimensions: 1000 mm x 740 mm