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Large Sheet Worbla's® Black Art
Large Sheet Worbla's® Black Art
Price ex VAT: £24.00 Per Sheet

The Worbla® brand of thermoplastics are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. Available for purchase from our London Shop, or to buy online. Worldwide delivery available.

Worbla’s® Black Art is a new sheet form thermoplastic from the creators of Worbla’s® Finest Art. This material has been designed with artists and crafters in mind, and gives a smoother finish than Worbla's® Finest Art.

The advantages of this improved surface are:
- Reduction in the need to prime before painting
- The material can now comfortably be left 'raw'
- Enables the artist to achieve a higher level of detail on pieces

Like Worbla's® Finest Art, Worbla’s® Black Art shares many characteristics with Wonderflex 3, but if you need a product that is thin with only a slight grain then choose them over Wonderflex 3.

Easy to cut with scissors or a heat knife, it can also be cut using a laser producing very fine detail, and can be softened by using a hairdryer, hot water, steam, or a heat gun.

Stays workable for a couple of minutes. It can be reheated to a limited extent to continue to mould into shape. No toxins are released. When it cools it will be rigid. Activates at 90°C.

While its thinness has advantages it can crack or split and should be backed by Rigid Foam Sheets or Fine Cell Polystyrene if you want a more robust structure.

Any scraps can be reheated, put together and used like putty. It has one glue side which will stick to itself to create a double layer. When heated it can be stretched to create curves so is excellent for chest plates or armour. It is also possible to shape it over a mould.

Worbla’s® Black Art can be sanded and painted.


Colour: Black
Opacity: Opaque
Large Sheet Dimensions: 1000 mm x 750 mm