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Bona Mega Extra Matt (5L)
Bona Mega Extra Matt (5L)
Price ex VAT: £94.45 5 L

A new generation water based polyurethane, modified with natural vegetable oils using self-crosslinking technology to provide you with a one component system.

In a test 400,000 people walked over a panel finished with Mega. Out of ten panels tested, Mega proved best in terms of wear-through, scuff, scratch, chemical resistance and visual appearance.

On very pale floors Mega will draw out the colours in the same way as a solvent based varnish. Our tests showed only very slight discolouration on white or pastel painted floors but users should carry out their own tests before working on very pale floors.

“Sensational!” says Gordon Aldred, Scenic Artist and Designer.


Drying times: Re-coatable in 2.5-3 hours, light use in 24 hours, full cure in 7 days.
Coverage: 8 - 10 square metres per litre per coat.
Classified EC1R for very low emissions.

Resistance to wear: 5 mg per 100 revolutions.
Reflective Value @ 60°: 9% [Sheen Level]

Drying time can be retarded by adding up to 4% retarder [see Bona Accessories].

If applying to previously coated or pre-finished floors the addition of Bona Crosslinker [2%] will increase the adhesion.

Don't forget, the matting agents can settle at the bottom, so mix well before use!

As with all makes of glaze the most prevalent problem is ‘blooming’. This is nearly always caused by poor drying conditions especially when the glaze is applied late in the day and left to dry in a cold workshop overnight. The situation is worsened if the base paint has not thoroughly dried and moisture is trying to migrate out through the glaze. In many cases the bloom will gradually disappear. A gentle heat from a hair drier will normally indicate whether the glaze will recover or if the area needs re-painting.