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Navy (417 ml)
Navy (417 ml)
Price ex VAT: £18.56 500 g

This exciting range of water based decorative paints is made from sparkling glitter particles suspended in a strong clear glaze.

A single coat thinly applied will allow the base colour to shine through while a thicker layer, or several coats, will form a solid glittering surface.

With a wide choice of flitter paints on any base colour, the combined possibilities are countless. To acheive the stated colour, Bristol recommend you use their Ultramarine paint as a base coat.


To acheive the colour stated, use the Bristol recommended basecoat: Ultramarine / BRI31035 / BRI11035

Application is best by spray, although it can be successfully rolled and small areas can be applied by brush. Care should be taken not to over-roll or over-brush as lapping or pulling may occur.

Coverage is 4-6 square metres per litre, though this is hugely variable with the desired effect.