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Stagestep ReUseIt- 1 m Wide
Stagestep ReUseIt- 1 m Wide
Price ex VAT: £127.80 25m Roll

The revolutionary way to install flooring! Now you can install virtually any floor surface over any existing sub-floor without messy adhesives, or having to hire expensive flooring contractors. A semi-permanent installation with permanent performance and feel!

The Re-Use-It system gives you all the benefits of a permanent installation with the ease of a semi-permanent installation without the use of top tape or the hassle of resetting your floor every two years.

Yet when you need to remove the floor you simply peel it up and take it away. Used Re-Use-It can be removed from the sub-floor and thrown away. Simply purchase new supply of Re-Use-It and install at your new location. You can install it yourself and it's idiot proof.

N.B. Mdf can be very dusty even when you think it is clean, because of the way it is made there is always particles in the pores which can interfere. We recommend avoiding using this straight onto MDF, or if you absolutely have to lay your floor on MDF, then we recommend ensuring it is sealed first.


Width: 1 m
Roll Length: 25 m